List of popular voting competitions online

List of popular voting competitions online



Online voting competitions are on the rise. This is one of the new strategies to get targeted leads for businesses. Thanks to the internet and social media, there are now more competitions than ever before.


Here is a list of 5 of the most popular voting competitions online.


Facebook Competitions


There are online voting competitions on Facebook.


In fact, anyone that has had an account for 3 years and has anywhere from 50 to 500 friends can create a voting contest.


The below pictures shows a sample of facebook app based simple contest.



These types of contests are often popular for businesses.


This is a great way to encourage people to like a business page in hopes that they can win a contest that the business is having.


The key to get the most people to participate is to offer a prize that others will actually want.


When you choose prize for your contest, check your competitor’s contest and give great prize than that to your audience.


At the same time there are several service providers available like vapulsemedia and they deliver Facebook votes for any Facebook related contests. So when you need to buy facebook contest votes and use such providers.


Woobox Contests


Woobox allows individuals to create photo contests.


One of the nice things about this type of contest is that there isn’t a way to post fake votes.


If the system suspects that a participant is actually trying to cast a fake vote, it eliminates that vote and may even block them from voting in the future.


Woobox has a lot of features for those who create the contests like a smart dashboard.


There is both a free version and paid version available.


So from woobox contests you will only receive filtered real people data and it helps to increase your sales percentage.




This application allows users to create a variety of online contests such as those that use a poll, rates or ranks.


They can view real time results and the audience can participate in the contest live, through their desktop, laptop or tablet.


No one has to install or download anything to create a contest or to participate in it.


When you really have no time to spend to analyze contests and just use Myvote app.


We can see the social shares are increasing for this type of contests.


So it should be a good competition to give a try as we said above when you have no time to spend to analyze contests.



Famous Survey Monkey contests


The below sample picture shows the surveymonkey online voting poll.



There are a variety of polls that can be created with Survey Monkey.


Everything from simple polls about a baby name or in depth marketing research polls like products can be created.


This poll is great for those that create online competitions often and would like to have the ability to create different kind of polls from time to time.


Cloud VOTE


This online voting competition allows users to participate on any type of device. This ensures that virtually anyone will be able to vote regardless if they have a laptop, tablet or just a phone. One of the best features is that users can create reports on individual performance and it can be exported to certain programs such as Excel.


So if one of the main goals of your online competition is the actual data that goes along with it, then you will find Cloud VOTE to be very useful. These are just some of the many popular voting competitions that are available online.

If you are looking to create online voting competitions, you have a lot of different ones to choose from.


When looking to create this type of competition, consider how you want people to vote, what features you would like the voting platform to have and whether or not you are willing to pay for these features.


By doing, so you can find an online voting competition that will meet your needs.


Always choose the best review having competition app to run your contests.